Teavana’s Pineapple Kona Pop

While I’m still working my way through the huge number of samples I got from Persimmon Tree Tea, I had an itch for something really fruity that those teas just couldn’t scratch. I recalled the bag of Pineapple Kona Pop I got for my husband (that he never drank) on a trip to Teavana, and decided to give it a try.

An herbal blend made with candied pineapple, bits of apples and just a bit of orange, it was definitely fruity, but I expected something sweet. Yikes!

This blend was very tart. The orange blossoms provided just a hint of citrus, but the primary flavor is pineapple, with the rest of the mix creating a taste similar to passion fruit. There’s hibiscus in there somewhere, but the other flavors are so bold that you can’t really taste it.

I added a half teaspoon of rock sugar, which took the edge off the tartness so I wasn’t puckering quite so much. Even sweetened, this brew didn’t do much for me, but my 2-year-old was a big fan. She gulped down all of her share and asked for more, then finished what was left in my cup after she was done with her refill. I’ve decided this one will be a good treat to keep on hand for her, especially since as an herbal blend, it’s caffeine free. Also, after I described the flavor to my husband, he seemed more interested in drinking it. So this one might not be for me, but it’s definitely not going to go to waste.

In my opinion, this was better sweetened and mixed with the Blueberry Bliss, like the sample offered in the store.

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