Persimmon Tree Tea’s Genmaicha green tea

Genmaicha was one of those teas that sounded interesting based on the description. The name means “Brown rice tea” and, true to its name, it’s a mix of green tea and toasted grains of rice.

GenmaichaI wasn’t sure what to expect from this tea, though I knew it would have plain green tea as its base. I didn’t know what to expect from the toasted rice. I expected something kind of like Rice Krispies, for whatever reason, and couldn’t have been farther off the mark!

There’s just as much rice as there is green tea in this drink, so the tea flavor was very mild and the drink brewed very pale. Most of the flavor I noticed was that of the rice, which was warm and almost nutty in flavor. It also tasted definitely “toasted” in that I noticed a hint of burnt flavor, probably from a piece or two of overcooked rice. That aside, it wasn’t unpleasant.

I meant to add a little sugar, just to see what would happen, but my toddler took such a liking to this cup that it was all gone before I even had a chance.

Not bad, definitely unique, and has the 2-year-old stamp of approval.

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