Persimmon Tree Tea’s Mint Chocolate Chip Rooibos tea

I am all about mint chocolate. Any time we go to Olive Garden, my favorite part is the Andes mints at the end of the meal. Peppermint bark is one of my favorite parts of Christmas. I also love to drop a soft peppermint stick in my hot chocolate or my chocolate milk, and mint chip ice cream is the best in the world. So when perusing Persimmon Tree Tea’s site, mint chocolate chip rooibos tea sounded like an absolute win!

Mint chocolate rooibos tea

Strangely enough, despite my love for mint chocolate, I’m not really a big fan of mint on its own–though those pastel colored dinner mints are pretty tasty. My husband is always encouraging me to add a sprig of peppermint from the garden to my iced tea, but I don’t really like mint when it’s just mint! Which is part of the reason I was a little let down by this tea. Despite the chunks of chocolate in the mix, the chocolate flavor gets totally lost. The mint flavor is more subtle than that of regular mint tea, though, which is a point in its favor, especially since I find most mint teas to be too strong.

While I hadn’t noticed any bitterness in the other types of rooibos I’ve sampled, this one had a definite bite and was much improved with the addition of rock sugar. It was much better sweetened, making it a bit more like mint candy. I also found the sweetened tea to be much more refreshing than it was when it was unsweetened, so I was still happy to finish the cup.

It could also be that my sample packet was from the bottom of the barrel, but I noticed a great deal of my tea was ground so fine it was a reddish dust. This wasn’t very pleasant in the first cup I had, since I’m not a fan of sediment swirling around in my drink or leaving a gritty feeling on my tongue. By the time I got to the bottom of the sample packet, I was straining my tea through a coffee filter because so much of the mix escaped the super fine mesh of my tea pot’s infuser. But as I said, this could just be luck of the draw, since all my other rooibos flavors seem to be a more normal size, staying comfortably inside the infuser where they belong.

Overall, it’s a good replacement for normal mint tea on my shelf, but not enough to satisfy that chocoholic craving.

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