Gale’s Gift e-Book now available

Gale's Gift by Beth AlvarezNow that it’s been blogged and some people have read it and messaged me about the story, it’s interesting to look back at the project that was Gale’s Gift. I didn’t speak much about the story before putting it out there, so here are some tidbits about the novelette:

Gale’s Gift is 12,602 words long. When I started it, I projected that the story would be around 15,000 words. The first draft came close, but lost weight after editing.

It took me about a month to write, edit, and format the story for publication.

The story is based on a dream I had. I have a lot of dreams that are more like watching movies. The final result is pretty similar to the dream, even including some of the dialog, but some of the events were rearranged to work more smoothly as a written tale.

The story takes place in the world I created for my epic fantasy series.

I drew the cover art myself in Photoshop. I took reference photos with my trusty little Pentax camera to help me get the lighting and texture of the clouds and rocks right, but my favorite part is the water, which I didn’t use any references for and had the most fun drawing.

With that said, the novelette is now available–for free!–in e-book format. It’s currently available in Nook, Kindle, and PDF versions, though more will be added in the future. To download a copy of the book, view the story’s page in the links on the left, or click here.

Happy reading!

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