Persimmon Tree Tea’s Ruby Orange


I was surprised and disappointed earlier this month to discover Persimmon Tree Tea’s website had no stock. All their pages indicate an indefinite hiatus, which ruffles my feathers since they’re the producers of my favorite Earl Grey and Green Pomegranate tea blends.

When I made this discovery, I was unsure if I should continue posting reviews of their teas, since people who like the sound of them won’t be able to get them. But I decided I would, obviously, since I’m posting this. I still feel like the information is important, if only because documenting information about the teas here will help as a point of reference for similar alternatives later down the road. Good tea is very valuable, after all; to the Vikings, it was worth its weight in gold.

I still have five teas of theirs to review out of my batch of samples, so here’s one of the five: Ruby Orange.

Ruby Orange is a delightful rooibos blend, sweet and fruity on its own without a need for sugar. Pieces of orange peel give it a wonderfully tangy aroma, while the tea brews without the normal bitterness the peel often leaves behind. It has a mellow herbal taste, the addition of hibiscus petals adding a pleasant earthy floral note while enriching the natural red color of the rooibos. As rooibos always seems to for me, it has a very faint taste of cinnamon, but it’s just enough to keep the flavor warm without being overwhelming.

Overall, I’d say I definitely liked this tea, and if it was currently available, I’d probably consider adding a few ounces to my tea shelf. With luck, I’ll be able to find a comparable tea in the future.

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