To market, to market

Though it’s common for me to write blog posts ahead of time, I typically post them manually when blog day rolls around. I usually have them scheduled, just in case something happens, like my power going out or something like that. But I like hitting ‘publish’ on each new post, and I like being able to share the posts with friends and family as soon as they go up. And this week, I didn’t have anything written up ahead of time, so for the first time in a few years, I didn’t have a Tuesday blog update.

Normally when I travel, I have my laptop and phone with me, so I can post an update if I really need to. But the trip this past week was a bit busier than normal, since on top of traveling to see my family, I was taking craft supplies and handmade things with me to attend the picker’s market where they live.

It’s a pretty neat thing, running from spring to fall and closing up during winter months. The second Sunday of each month, the historic main street closes and vendors set up shop. It’s mostly vintage and antique stuff, but this month they allowed handmade crafts, too. I’ve been selling my handmade goods online for a while, mostly selling through Etsy, but I’d done two craft shows before. Neither one was very successful, and honestly, this one wasn’t either.

It’s a vetted show, so the first step is getting accepted. I ended up being the only jewelry vendor, oddly enough, and we got in without any problems, but booth spaces were assigned, not chosen. Instead of closing the main street for one more block, they opted to put a number of vendors into a parking lot behind the main street buildings, where nobody could see them. Guess where our booth ended up?

Naturally, that meant we didn’t get much foot traffic, while the vendors on the main street were surrounded by several thousand shoppers! The parking lot would have been a great setup for the food vendors, but it is what it is. If they offer crafting booths again in the future, they might have a better setup next time. Not that I’d be there–it was an interesting event, with live music and lots of things to look at, but it’s too far to travel. Especially when my poor car ended up sustaining damage on the trip up, and the money I did make won’t even cover cost of repairs.

The time spent at the house with some of my siblings was lovely though, and Dad and I squeezed in some bonding time while we puzzled over how we’d fix the paint on the roof of my car. Mom enjoyed lots of time with her grand-baby, and little bit enjoyed lots of time with her aunts and uncles.

Of course, I didn’t get a single bit of work done the whole week, but once I’m finished unpacking and things start to settle, I’ll have something to talk about: Born of the Moon.

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