Born of the Moon sample chapters, PLUS pre-orders now available!

Surprise! It’s a Wednesday bonus update!

born-of-the-moon-tnThere’s a special occasion for it, too: Born of the Moon now has a handful of sample chapters available here on Ithilear, which you can read by checking out the sample chapters link in the After Undeath series category to the left, or by clicking here.

And in case those chapters get you excited for the second book, guess what?

Born of the Moon is available for pre-order on both and Smashwords!

You can pre-order a Kindle copy from Amazon by clicking here.

Unfortunately, if you’re a Nook reader like I am, Barnes and Noble doesn’t do e-book pre-orders just yet, but the book will be live and ready to go on December 1st.

Hope to see you all on release day!


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