A year in review

In just a few days, 2015 will come to a close. It’s weird to think the year is already over, especially when it feels like it just began.

2015 was a strange year; it feels like a great deal of it was spent waiting, without a lot of things happening. I know that’s not true, of course, because in mid-July I started keeping a list of all the things I was accomplishing. I’ll be starting a new page for 2016, but here are a few favorite achievements from 2015.

In 2015, I…

  • Moved my blog to my website here
  • Sent query letters for the first time
  • Finished writing Serpent’s Wake
  • Wrote, edited and published Gale’s Gift
  • Wrote, edited and published Born of the Moon
  • Read 12 books
  • Did beta-reading for a friend
  • Wrote several short stories and writing prompts
  • Drew the cover for Crossroads of Frozen Eternity
  • Made a miniature couch for my dolls
  • Helped my husband start developing his own website
  • Added the art gallery and drew several new pieces for it
  • Sold my handcrafted jewelry at a craft fair
  • Sewed several Halloween costume commissions
  • Tried my hand at doll sculpting
  • Filmed a handful of videos to share online in the future
  • Created a calendar for Ithilear
  • Repainted my craft room
  • Completed 14 home improvement projects
  • Started outlining Serpent’s Blood
  • Celebrated a special 3-year-old’s birthday

…and that’s all I can think of right now, though I’m sure there are a lot more things I accomplished.

I didn’t do everything I wanted to do this year, but it’s not a bad list, and I already have a nice list of intentions for 2016. I’m not waiting until the new year to get started on them, but I am going to wait until 2016 to tell you what my goals for the new year are.

Tell you all about them in a week!

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