Artwork: Firal

I always mean to draw more, then I have trouble fitting it in around everything else I have going on.

My original goal was to add one piece of artwork to the gallery each month. It seemed like a reasonable time frame, but coupled with my writing workload, it didn’t work out. Instead, the art just kind of ends up sprinkled in whenever I have a few moments and the inspiration to do something. I hoped to have the gallery for Serpent’s Tears fairly full by now, but that’s okay. If nothing else, after several months of meaning to finish it, I have a drawing of the leading lady done!

This troubled young lady is Firal:

Firal illustration

In the book’s timeline, she is a green-rank mageling studying beneath Master Nondar. Her birthday is the 16th of Isele, the month of Sprouting. The journal she carries is her favorite gift from a prior birthday, and the pendant hung over its cover is the only remnant of her mother she has.

She appeared in one of my writing prompts–Wind–and while I’ve intended to use her in more, it has proven difficult to do more without giving away secrets from the books.

Her portrait is now up as part of the art gallery, so it’s time to move on to the next major character. The trouble is deciding who! Ran, Kifel, or Envesi?

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