Persimmon Tree Tea’s Peach Picnic

Peach Picnic was one of the teas I wasn’t sure of. It sounded good, but while I like peaches, eating them or anything peach flavored tends to give me a stomachache. I don’t know why, but it tends to put me off from anything peachy.

Fortunately, this tea gave me nothing to fear.


In addition to peach, it also boasts of citrus and strawberry. Many peachy things strike me as too sweet, which might contribute to my stomach’s protests, but this begins with the pleasant, mellow flavor of the rooibos, followed by hint of tartness. The tang is mostly citrus with a hint of berry, leaving the sweeter peach flavor to round out the end. The aftertaste is primarily peach with a touch of berry.

The fruity flavor also lends the tea an overall sweet tone, without being overbearing, so I found it best when served straight. I drank mine warm, as winter is finally beginning to set in, but I expect it would make a pleasant iced brew for summertime as well.

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