New year, new look

Okay, so maybe it’s a little late in 2016 to be referring to it as a new year.  But it is a new look, so that counts for something.

It’s amazing how time gets away from you. I didn’t realize until a few weeks ago that my webpage had been sporting the same theme for almost four years. And while there wasn’t necessarily anything wrong with it, I used to change up my websites at least once a year, so it did start to feel a little stale. But overall, it worked. That was a big deal for me; most often I redesigned my page because I felt it wasn’t optimized for what I was doing.

The fact that it worked is why so little has changed in this iteration of the page. The colors are different, and the art gallery link has moved from the sidebar (which is now reserved for writing only) to the navigation bar above. Otherwise, everything is still exactly where you remember it.

So why change? Well, for sake of something different. For something a little fresh, a little more modern, a little more fitting for the variety of stories I write. That’s why the new page has dusky colors pulled from a photo of a sunset. This encompasses both worlds of my writing: the paranormal part is about vampires and other night creatures, while the fantasy part is set in a world where the night sky is a huge influence.

A few other things have been adjusted, like tweaking alignment of some things and making a more defined break between posts on the blog, as well as some serious cleanup to the comments form to make pages more attractive. That’s a bit more technical, though, and probably not interesting to most people reading this.

Instead, just scroll down–if you aren’t on mobile–and enjoy the CSS sorcery that is a hex code gradient that adjusts itself to the length of the page! The updated mobile look will be coming in a few weeks.

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