Persimmon Tree Tea’s White Guava

White teas are a challenge for me. Either I make them too weak or I end up scorching them and they come out bitter. That’s part of the reason I waited so long to get around to trying this one.

PTT white guava

Persimmon Tree Tea’s White Guava blend is one of the prettiest blends I’ve seen, which is something white teas seem to have in common. They’re always mixed with pretty fruit bits and flower petals, and in that department, this one doesn’t disappoint. The silvery white tea leaves provide a cool backdrop for the peachy colored pieces of dried guava and strawberry, and peony petals provide a splash of ivory.

As far as taste, though, I find it lackluster. I don’t mind weak teas as long as there’s enough flavor to compensate, and whites are often delicate. The guava is the only real flavor punch here, and while it’s not bad, it’s not great, either. It could just be that guava isn’t one of my favorite fruits, but I feel like it needs something else to round it out. The strawberry is virtually unnoticeable, which is a shame, because the sweet-tart punch of berry might kick this tea up to being something special. As it is, it just needs a little more.

This is also the last tea I had on my list to drink and review, which means I won’t be posting any more tea reviews for a little while. I need to drink up some of my favorites before I go shopping again, but I’ll likely be hitting a few places for something new to try in the next few months, so if you have a recommendation, please share!

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