Tea review: Sage on Sage White Strawberry tea

Every now and then, I’ll receive a recommendation for a tea only available from small, local shops dotting the country. I’m always eager to try them, but if I can’t find an online storefront, it’s a lot harder to get ahold of the tea to try it. Today’s blend is one of those.

Sage on Sage White Strawberry tea

Sage on Sage is a small shop in Hillsboro, Illinois that actually came to my attention because an independent coffee company from the same town (Black Rabbit Coffee) gained traction with my friends in southern Illinois. I’m always happy to support small businesses in my home area, as is most of my family. So when my mom came to visit, she brought a sample of Sage on Sage’s White Strawberry tea with her.

It’s a colorful blend, containing lots of cornflower and hibiscus petals, as well as a lot of dried fruit. I was surprised to see the blend contained rooibos tea in addition to the more delicate white tea, so I knew it would be unique.

The tea brews a pretty pink-gold color, redolent of dried strawberry with a hint of something sweeter. Had straight, its flavor is a sweet and fruity. It bears a clear strawberry taste, but with a hint of blueberry and sweet apple alongside it. There are warm undertones contributed by the rooibos, but it also contains notes of vanilla that make it quite pleasant. I drank most of the cup neat since I found it so enjoyable, but I did add sugar and milk to see how they changed the flavor.

The addition of sugar brought out the vanilla, but it didn’t change the flavor much otherwise. Milk toned down the taste of the rooibos, bringing out the sweetness of the berries and enhancing the flavor of vanilla and strawberry in particular.

Overall, this was an exceptional tea, one of the better blends I’ve been able to sample, and I’m looking forward to a chance to get more than a sample packet the next time I’m visiting Illinois. I haven’t been able to find information on whether or not the owner sells the tea blends via internet or mail, but if you want to give it a try from elsewhere, you can always contact them through the Sage on Sage Facebook page and find out.

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