New year, new covers–and a box set

It’s 2017 and I’m still not planning to blog regularly, because I’m spending my time writing books instead!

Right now, I have 3 new releases planned for the second half of this year. Two will be paranormal stories, while one will be a fantasy tale with a bit more action than the small-scale adventure told in Gale’s Gift. We’ll talk more about these upcoming releases in the coming days, but for now, we’ll focus on the first change of the year.

Now that Death of the Sun and Born of the Moon have been around a while, it seemed like it was time to give them a little update and a more cohesive look. So both books got brand new covers, which have already rolled out across most vendors. The new cover for Death of the Sun just went out for the paperback edition this morning. Here’s a glimpse at the change, putting the old and new covers side by side:

Death of the Sun cover comparison
And here’s the old and new covers for Born of the Moon:

Born of the Moon cover comparison
I’m pretty pleased with how these came together; I’m still at a point where I do all my own covers, so I’ve been trying to give myself a workout in developing skills.
It was important to me that I keep the elements I originally wanted, so I kept the Aztec necklace and the moon. But I also added the necklace to Born of the Moon, creating a more obvious connection between the two stories.

Not only will Born of the Moon will be getting a paperback edition in the next few months, but there’s one more little thing…

After Undeath box set

Now that the series is complete, the two books will be bundled together as an e-book box set. This is great for new readers, since it gives them an opportunity to grab both at once!

Like with Born of the Moon’s paperback, there’s no release set just yet, but you can probably expect them both to drop some time around the end of February or early March.

I’ll be sure to post again when the dates have been set.
See you then!

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