Resources for BJD book props

I puzzled over the best way to share these resources to go with my new video for a while, then decided the best option was probably making them available in a post on my site. I don’t post about doll things here too often, but it’s still the best way to collect information in one spot, and it’s also useful for things like contest entries. So here we go.

As part of a diorama for my dolls, I decided one thing I had to have was books. But making real books takes forever, so I figured filling in with faux books would be a good idea.

The hardest part was finding book covers I thought I could use, so here’s a small assortment of options.

The video features books made with this image. I changed the hue and saturation for more varieties:
Historical book cover image

Another great resource I found was a collection of beautiful book bindings from the 1800s and early 1900s. As these are all over 100 years old, these designs have fallen into the public domain. However, I decided to skip them since they all bore names and titles and I don’t have time to Photoshop them out to make my pretend books.

You can see them here:
Publishers’ bookbindings 1830-1910

After you pick your covers, you’ll want to print textures for the pages, which adds a little extra realism to the books. I created these myself and they are intended for personal use only; no commercial usage, please. There are two versions. One solid sheet that can be cut to any width, and a sheet of 9mm strips that fits perfectly on the edge of two 3/16″ foam board pieces put together.

You can download the solid sheet page texture here:
Solid sheet page texture

And the strips here:
Page texture strips

And for convenience, here’s the video.

Happy crafting!

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