Revisiting 2018’s goals

Last week I mentioned my goals for 2018. I’d made a big blog post at the end of 2017 outlining my goals and why I wanted to achieve them.

So how did I do? Well..

Revise and finish querying Serpent’s Mark.
This was my #1 goal and it did happen–pretty early in the year, actually. I got this done and was happy with it, sent more queries, got more rejections. But as I read and learned more about publishing, it became harder for me to be certain I was doing the right thing by querying. So eventually, I stopped. I’m weighing my options for the series now.

Publish Her Midnight Hunter.
This did not happen. The book would have been finished this year, but my health became the priority and working on that series slowly became less and less important. I’ll finish it eventually; HMH is halfway written, but at this time, I do not have a publication time frame or goal for the book.

Make a plan for the Keeper’s Kin series.
This was harder than I expected and it took a lot of time and consideration. Ultimately, I decided to put KK on hiatus. Since HMH was to be the next book in the series (finishing the core trilogy and creating all the space I needed for the various side stories) I couldn’t really move on without it. I have a lot more stories I want to share about the Keepers and their kin, but at the moment I do not know when that will be. I guess that’s actually laying out my series plans, though–the question here was whether or not I met this goal. I guess it’s pretty clear I did! The plan/decision is that the series is on hiatus for now.

Write and publish Emberheart.
This is another one that didn’t happen. Bless this story, I’ve wanted to write it for 15 years or something like that, but it’s still not quite ready. I hit too many bumps in the road while trying to outline it. This one is on hold as well while I smooth out the idea itself, which apparently was more deeply flawed than I thought.

Earn $1,000 as an author.
Also did not happen, but at least I kind of know why–I didn’t end up getting any books published this year, since I was focusing on my personal wellness. It’s hard to make money off your books when you have no new books! With no new releases, I made less this year than I made last year, though it was close. However, I did begin diversifying my income streams by moving my older books to more vendors, including Google Play. So while I didn’t reach my income goal, it wasn’t a total fail.

Attend a book/writing convention or conference.
I didn’t go to any book-specific shows this year. I wanted to, but finances didn’t work out. However, I did attend a comics expo with my husband–comics is his thing, you know–and I found that incredibly useful despite not being tailored to my field. There’s a lot of overlap between the comics industry and the books industry, and I walked away from the show with a lot of new ideas for building my book brand. So this one halfway happened? Kinda?

Read a book a month.
Finally, something I can answer with good news!! I didn’t log them all in Goodreads since many of them were non-fiction books and I read them so fast that I just plain forgot. A good number were related to author careers and craft, but I read a minimum of one book each month. In quite a few months, I read three or more. So this was accomplished for sure.

Downsize craft supplies.
I started this, but didn’t get very far. I have made great strides in getting it organized, though, and hopefully I’ll continue to downsize into next year. I did this, but it seems like it will be an ongoing ordeal.

Learn to do my makeup.
I guess I did this? I got good quality makeup, signed up for Ipsy for a bit while I could afford it, and enjoyed it. I feel more comfortable with a makeup brush now, but I still can’t quite get my eyeliner wings even.

Create more content for YouTube.
While I didn’t end up creating more content in the respect of having more uploads, I did keep my output consistent, and I also diversified my content offerings. In addition to my doll videos, I shared a couple vlogs (a first for me!) and a few videos about art, which were incredibly fun and cathartic. I’m looking forward to making more videos next year and have more plans for what I want to do, as well.

Remember to exercise.
This was kind of hit and miss–while I felt I was overall more active, I didn’t keep a fixed schedule. I spent a lot of time outdoors over the summer and hatched a lot of eggs in Pokémon Go, but somehow I’m not sure most people consider that exercise. My health has been a priority, but it ended up being less about fixed goals and more about making wiser decisions and maintaining a better balance. So this one was halfway.

Make stickers.
I did this!! I plan to do more stickers next year, too. I’m comfortable and confident in my sticker-making skills now and will be using it for a variety of projects next year. Actually, I ended up doing some chibi drawings at the beginning of the year (which you can read about and see a video for here) and turned those into stickers, which I used for practice. Can’t wait to make more.

Draw a cover for Serpent’s Mark.
I started this. I did not finish. But I do have a really nice sketch I will share some time next year.

So that’s my recap… Looks like I accomplished roughly half of them, and part of the rest got partially done? I guess that’s not bad, all in all.

Next week I’ll pop in with one of my many plans for next year, so we’ll see what grows from these goals then.

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