Here comes November

I’m not writing today. I finished book 5 of my Snakesblood Saga on Sunday, and this week is all about prep for next month.

I haven’t officially participated in NaNoWriMo since I was 16 or so, with a book I’ll someday get around to writing now that I really know where it’s going. This year isn’t really changing that–I’m not officially joining in, but that’s partly because the project I’m going to be writing (unofficially) for NaNoWriMo is shorter than 50,000 words… and it’s already been started, which would be considered cheating.

I’m using the month of November to write To Steal the Crown, the second book in my Westkings Heist novella series. TSC is slated for publication in February, which means this will be my fastest turnaround between writing, editing, getting beta readers, and publishing a story. Fortunately, it’s pretty short: Like To Steal the World, I expect TSC will be around 25,000 words, give or take a bit. That’s under 1,000 words of writing a day, which should be pretty easy for me to conquer, even with Thanksgiving break thrown in.

The cover for the book is ready, and I plan to share it toward the end of the month, whenever the book is finished. I’ll also be checking in each week of November to report on my progress getting through TSC. After working my way through Snakesblood 5, it’ll be refreshing to work on something else, and I’m excited to see where it goes.

I have news for the Snakesblood Saga, too, but I’m not sure when I should share that. Beginning of November? End? I guess we’ll see how the first few days of writing TSC go before I decide.

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