Project planning… well ahead of time

I’ve shared a bit about Spectrum Blade, one of my work-in-progress books that’s currently on hold while I finish my Snakesblood Saga. I’m reworking the fifth Snakesblood book, which means Spectrum will be back on the table in the second half of next year. I’m doing what I can to prepare ahead of time without having to devote any time to actually writing. One thing I’m going to do is set up a planner for tracking work on the series.

I saw this planner last year–maybe year before last, actually–and wanted it. I didn’t have a NEED for it, or a reason to buy it, but I bought it anyway because planners. Fortunately, with the whole colors thing going on with Spectrum Blade, I feel like this will be a perfect planner to use for the project.

I set up some dividers inside using scrapbooking paper my parents gave me for Christmas that I wanted to use, but didn’t know how to utilize. The prismatic color schemes and designs work perfectly with the shimmering holographic cover. I’ve got some pretty washi tape set aside to add color pops, and I’ll be designing some series-specific stickers for a little extra fun, but right now, I’m focusing on how to use this to help my writing.

I used a planner while writing Her Midnight Cowboy, and I felt it was a great assistance, though I didn’t use it as much as I hope to use this one while writing Spectrum. It was invaluable as a reference manual, though, so that’s going to be a good portion of my focus. For sake of simplicity, I’ll just list out the things I plan to put in this one to help me with Spectrum Blade.

  • A typed copy of the outline for quick reference
  • In-depth bios for major characters
  • Lists of minor characters with info on their role and physical descriptions
  • Maps of the setting
  • Information about the major cities and regions
  • Character artwork (just for fun!)
  • A writing calendar to track my progress
  • A plot calendar to keep the timeline straight
  • An appendix of magical items and their purposes
  • A bestiary of created animals/monsters

In essence, the planner will become a “series encyclopedia” of sorts, tracking all the minutiae that might fall by the wayside as I move through the story. Since I expect the series to be five books,  having everything lined out and easy to reference should make my life a lot easier. Whether or not that actually happens, I guess we’ll see, but once I start setting up the pages, I’ll surely share photos (and possibly downloadable sheets to print your own pages) so everyone can see.

In the meantime, I’ve got to get back to Snakesblood #5. I’ve lost a character in the midst of these dangling plot threads, and I have no idea where she is.

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