Second week of NaNoWriMo

I’ve always known about one particular weakness in my writing productivity, it just became more pronounced in the past week. When my family is home–on holidays and weekends, in particular–I can never seem to sit down for any solid amount of writing. I realize it’s a common problem, but it’s still hard. In the future, I’ll have to plan accordingly. Sometimes I do; I try to determine how long a project will take me based on how many days I’ll have home alone where I can focus on my work. This time, I forgot, and with school events butted up against a holiday weekend, I didn’t make very good progress. As a result, I’m a shade farther behind than I hoped to be.

As long as I can stick to 700 words a day, I should be fine. But weekends and days off around Thanksgiving will pose a challenge. The latter half of this week and the early half of next week are the only days I’m guaranteed to have solid blocks of writing time, so I’m considering trying to push more words in those days to make up for what I’ll lose. I think I can scrape together 500 or so across the holidays, but weekends may be a lost cause.

My daily breakdown for the past week is kind of all over the place:

Wednesday:  997
Thursday: 686
Friday: 0
Saturday: 965
Sunday: 0
Monday: 548
Tuesday (Today): 1,256

So I breached 1k words all of… once, which is pitiful. But I’m also working my way back into the groove of not just writing, but writing this particular project, so I’m attempting to be lenient with myself. Today was especially hard, but after a while, I felt like I was starting to sink into it and the words came a little easier.

As for the project itself, I have mixed feelings. It’s about halfway done right now, 12,544 out of the planned 25,000 words. I’m right where I should be, hitting the midpoint and creeping into the faster-paced second half, which I hope will be a little speedier/easier to write since it’ll be the exciting things. The bad news there is that the second half is the half I have less outlined, which means I’ll be making up a lot of things on the fly, and that’s never good for my productivity. I’m definitely better as a planner/plotter.

I have a lot of ideas floating loose in my plan/outline document, but I’m not sure how they’re all going to fit together just yet.  Hopefully it’ll be a cohesive story by the end. I’ve got about one more chapter of setup to write, and then it’s basically one long action-y sequence until the end…

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