Third (plus) week of NaNo

I normally blog on Tuesday. Today is not Tuesday. I meant to check in on the book’s progress before now, I just wasn’t able to fit it in.

The good news is that the writing has gone well! As of right now, TSC is 2,847 words away from the initial projected word count. I think it’s going to run long–I’m just now hitting the climax and there will be the wind-down afterward, so I think it’ll be somewhere between 26,000 and 28,000 instead of the 25,000 I’ve been shooting for. Hopefully I’m able to hit that word count, even though Thanksgiving break has started and my writing time will be a little broken up and scattered.

No specific word count breakdown today, it’s too all over the place and I still have things I need to do.

If I can manage to write 750 to 1,000 words a day, I’ll still finish at the end of November. And once I finish, I’ll share a peek at the cover, too.

Right now, I’m mulling over some changes that might come to the site–not stuff I’d planned to do, but with the way things are changing on YouTube, I’m exploring other avenues for visibility and that may involve sharing stuff here that I usually keep isolated to YouTube and Instagram. Yes, that means my dolls. In many ways, those projects are inextricable from my writing, since all my dolls are my story characters. But it’s still early for that decision, so we shall see.

Right now, I  have a little more writing I’d like to get done for today. Instead of checking in next Tuesday, I’ll check in when TSC is done!

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