A list of goals for 2020

In the middle of 2019, I kind of dropped away from using my planner regularly. There was too much going on, I couldn’t keep track of things, and then my ridiculously expensive printer quit working and I spent months trying to sort out the warranty replacement, so I couldn’t print pages for my planner anyway.

This year, I’m trying a new planner system that’s built for authors and tackles one quarter of the year at a time. Each 3-month period is a little easier to plan, since I don’t have the ability to see what’s coming in, say, November. I mean, I can’t see what’s coming next week, either, but at least I know what days Eevee is out of school this quarter. That’s a good start.

Being that we’re only a week into the year, it’s too early to say how well the system is working for me, but I like it this far. So while I have the biggest goals of 2020 outlined, I only clearly know what I aim to do this quarter. I’ll share my plans for January next week, since I really ought to be editing Serpent’s Mark right now.

I put a lot of time into figuring out my long term goals, too, but that’s another thing for another day. For the moment, we’ll start with my major goals for the year.

Goal #1: Publishing.

This is the biggest goal for me–really moving forward with my goals as an author, and now my goals as a publisher, too.

I have a lot of book goals for 2020.  I’ve already talked about the Westkings Heist titles coming out this month and next. To Steal the World will be out on the 26th. But my schedule includes a lot more books. The titles I anticipate releasing this year are, in planned release order:

To Steal the World (Westkings Heist #1)
To Steal the Crown (Westkings Heist #2)
Serpent’s Mark (Snakesblood Saga #1)
Serpent’s Tears (Snakesblood Saga #2)
To Steal the Queen (Westkings Heist #3)
Serpent’s Bane (Snakesblood Saga #3)
Serpent’s Wake (Snakesblood Saga #4)
Her Midnight Hunter (Keeper’s Kin #3)
Serpent’s Crown (Snakesblood Saga #5)

That’s a lot of books. Fortunately, a good portion of them are already written, so that takes me to my writing goals. The list of books I need to complete this year is comparatively slim:

To Steal the Queen (Westkings Heist #3)
Her Midnight Hunter (Keeper’s Kin #3)
Spectrum Blade (Spectrum Legacy #1)

And to make that easier, two of the three books on the list are already partially written. HMH is halfway done, and SB is about a fifth. TSQ will be the longest of the Westkings Heist books thus far, but still shorter than my typical novel. I expect to write only 150,000 words or so of new material this year. I have other authorial goals, but they’re on the administrative side, so that’s all I’ll say about those for now.

Goal #2: Completing all renovations and repairs on the house.

This one will probably be the hardest to achieve, as well as the most expensive. Our to-do list keeps getting longer, since things keep breaking or otherwise going wrong, but hopefully by this time next year we’ll have finished with all major repairs and renovations and will be looking toward adding a new bathroom upstairs. There’s a ton to do, but I’ll outline that another day. Maybe some in my January goal post.

Goal #3: Working to improve my health without sacrificing my work.

This one’s hard because it’s hard to quantify. 2017 was one of my most productive years ever, work-wise, but it took a great physical toll on me and I’ve had to work hard to re-balance my physical wellbeing in a way that still allows me to get stuff done. It means I have to cut my work loads way back, and I’m not really sure what all will be getting cut, but it’s something I’m trying to play by ear and figure out as I go.

I have smaller ideas for how to foster all of these goals, of course, stuff that’s little and easy to gauge whether or not I’m getting it done, but that’s something to discuss another time. For now, I’ve got to get to editing. 17% done, then Serpent’s Mark moves on to formatting and proofs.

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