February’s accomplishments, March’s goals

My list of goals for February (which I shared at the beginning of the month) was pretty hefty, so it’s probably not a surprise that not all of it got done, but here’s how I did…

Goal category 1: Publishing

Publish To Steal the Crown.
This one definitely happened. TSC went out on the 22nd  without a hitch, making the second book release of the year!

Finish and format Serpent’s Mark.
This one was HARD. I proofread the ebook, formatted everything, ordered print proofs, proofread AGAIN with the print copy, made final revisions, made formatting adjustments, and ordered a second proof. There’s one last adjustment I think I need to make to the print version, but on the whole, this got done… after a great deal of work.

The good news is all the formatting and troubleshooting is stuff I should hopefully only have to do once–now that I have an attractive template and workflow worked out, the next 5 books in the series should only require one print proof instead of three. This is done, though ordering author copies will be a bit later than I’d prefer.

Write To Steal the Queen.
Though I started strong, I stalled out around 15,000 words in the third Westkings Heist book as a result of the Serpent’s Mark proofing not going according to plan. Live and learn, I guess. I expect this one will land somewhere around 50,000 words in length and now that SM is done, I’m picking it up again this month and aiming to have it done and off to the editor by the end of March. I’ll check back toward the end of the month with updates on how well that’s panned out.

So for publishing… the goals were mostly wins. I didn’t finish TSQ, but I did make headway.

Goal category 2: Finishing the house

Oh boy.

Finish the studio.
This one’s done and it feels great!

Paint the gym.
This one didn’t happen. I ran out of painting supplies, then after I got supplies, I ran out of time. The walls were brown; now they’re primered white. It’s taped off and ready to paint, though.

Finish the front room.
Didn’t happen. It’s actually a worse mess now.

Paint main bathroom.
Also didn’t happen, but I did buy the paint!

One thing that wasn’t on the list that got done though was getting blinds put up through the whole house. We had lots of windows missing blinds or with broken blinds, and now they’ve all got nice new ones. Yay!

Goal category 3: Improving my health without sacrificing my work.

The hard-to-quantify one is… still hard to quantify. I’ll be honest; I didn’t feel the best through February. But I did start a little irregular exercise, which I’m still working to make regular. I think I lost weight (at least, my tummy seems flatter?) but it’s hard to say if that’s because of the cardio. But when I’m well, I’m better than I’ve been in a long time, and when I’m unwell, I don’t feel as bad as I have in recent memory, so I’ll consider that progress.

So with that out of the way, what are the goals for March?

Well, the end of March is also the end of the first quarter, and so my goals are mostly based on what needs to be finished at this point. Come April, I’ll consider new goals, but they’ll probably be similar through the whole year.

March goals

I’ll try to keep this brief, since it’s mostly just finishing existing stuff and then a few new additions. Also, I notice I format this a little differently every time. So…

Category 1: Publishing

• Finish To Steal the Queen.
I started, now it’s time to wrap up. The goal is to have the first draft complete by the end of March. I also want to learn to take weekends off.

• Publish Serpent’s Mark.
At last!! Book one is slated for release on March 28. Just a few things left to wrap up to hit this deadline.

• Finish the cover for Serpent’s Bane.
This one will be tough, since all I have right now is a very early sketch, but I have to get this done to keep up with my planned releases.

Category 2: Finishing the house

• Paint the gym.
Since it’s already taped off, I hope to get this done this week.

• Paint the main bathroom.
This one should also be easy, since everything is going to be one color: white.

• Paint some doors.
My daughter’s bedroom door has been primered for a year. For Pete’s sake, it’s time to finish painting the darn thing. I also need to paint MY bedroom door.

Category 3: Self-improvement I guess?

I actually have a few specifics planned for goals in this category, which is new.

• Take a personal day.
A day where I don’t work, I just go do fun stuff. Maybe get a fancy Frappuccino or something, since I don’t do that often at all.

• Start taking weekends off.
At some point, I want my job to be a normal Monday through Friday job, and I can actually have a life on the weekends. I’ll begin with Sunday, I think, trying to free up Sundays for a day off. If I can succeed in doing that in March, I’d like to work on taking Saturdays off shortly after.

That’s it for me this month, though. I’m sure other projects will crop up, but those are the big ones.

You have goals for the month too, right?

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