Making mage robes

Late last month, I decided to finally start making some mage robes for my dolls. Since all the BJDs in my doll collection are book characters–except for Lillibelle–it seems like I should be more on top of that. Three of the dolls I currently have should be wearing mage robes, and zero of them currently are. So I decided to fix it.

I’d drawn the mage robes a few times before; they’re pretty simple, but they’re supposed to be functional and standard issue, so they couldn’t be anything fancy. You can see one of the really old sketches here. Firal’s wearing something similar on the cover of book 2.

But not all the mages would have fitted sleeves. I think I’d already sort of thought of that even when I was sketching this, many years ago, since there are buttons visible on her cuffs. I ultimately decided to make the cuffs separate, something that could fasten on over the sleeve to hold them snug. A sash, too, would be optional, and the more fashionable magelings would probably use them to add a hint of their personality to the outfit.

One thing missing from that sketch is the stripes on mageling sleeves. The upper sleeve should be marked with stripes to show the ranks they’ve already graduated. I decided to use ribbon for the rank stripes, and for the overall shape and style of the robes, I decided to base them off the kurta pattern I’d already drawn for Arrios, one of my other dolls.

Sewing sleeve stripes

The test garment was for Kytenia. She’s a modified Feeple65 Ine that will share a body with one of my other dolls. I haven’t yet decided if she’d be better off sharing with Laele, my Iplehouse nYID Aria, or Lumia, my Impldoll Lydia. I had intended her to share Lumia’s body from the beginning, but her resin is very pale and really, Kyt is supposed to be more tan than Firal. It would be odd for her to be paler instead. But I don’t think Laele’s heigh would work for Kyt, so maybe she’s still better off sharing with Lumia, even if it means her complexion will make her look a bit under the weather for her character.

The weird things this hobby makes me think about, I guess.

Anyway, I’ll be making green ones for Firal soon, and white for Envesi, and I’ve already put the pattern in my BJD pattern archive, which is available in the Dolls section of my site’s menu. There’s a bit more information about the process in this video I shared at the end of February, if you want to watch. As a bonus, you’ll get to see me crying over the print proof of Serpent’s Mark. 😉

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