Cover reveal: To Steal the Queen – Westkings Heist Book 3

It’s been a few months since To Steal the Crown went out. Originally, I’d wanted the three Westkings Heist installments I had planned to go out back to back, but my schedule got thrown for a loop, and the third book, To Steal the Queen, ended up being longer than I’d originally planned.

A lot longer.

Instead of being a novella like the other two, it’s a full-blown novel that’s close to twice the length of To Steal the Crown. As a result, it’s just a little later than anticipated… but it’s coming–and this is your first peek.

To Steal the Queen

To Steal the Queen is the final installment in the Westkings Heist series, but I’m not sure it will be the last we see of Tahl and the crew. Me and the book’s editor are still working on wrapping up this book, but it’s currently slated to drop at the end of June. This one’s been a bit twistier of a ride, so I hope you enjoy coming along!

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