To Steal the Queen is now available

The third and final installment in the Westkings Heist series, To Steal the Queen, is now available.

If a single thing goes wrong, this heist could be his last. 

Even thieves have loyalties, so when Tahl—the legendary Ghost of Orrad—discovers someone has been stealing from the sweet old woman who once offered him shelter, he’s determined to set things right.

When his personal mission leads to an accidental kidnapping, it draws the attention of Orrad’s queen, who has an interesting proposition: a job for the Ghost. Tahl knows it could be a trap, but with a reward that rivals a king’s ransom, it might be worth the risk—or it might just get him killed.

To Steal the Queen is a full length novel and the final adventure in the Westkings Heist trilogy.

Click here to get your copy from Amazon–it’s free with Kindle Unlimited!

To Steal the Queen

Of course, I can’t say if this is the last we’ve seen of these characters…

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