TSQ completion, Snakesblood #3, and What Comes Next

After a lot of frustration and delays, To Steal the Queen is finished and being polished up by an editor in preparation for its release at the end of the month. If all goes well, the preorder should pop up about a week before the title’s release, still currently tentatively scheduled for June 27.

At the same time, my other editor is hacking away at Snakesblood Saga #3, Serpent’s Bane. I had planned to set the release date for the third SS installment as July 25th, but that would make it my sixth book release in 7 months, and I don’t think I can make that happen. When I made my schedule for the year, I was counting on a certain number of work hours, and 2020 decided pretty early on that wasn’t going to happen! I’ve managed to make it halfway through the year and still hit all my release dates, but for my own wellbeing, I think it’s best to slow things down just a tad.

Right now, I anticipate book 3 being ready for release in August.

What about the rest of the books?

Well, one huge benefit of writing the whole series ahead of time is that all they’re waiting for is editing. If Snakesblood 3 goes out in August, that means you can expect Snakesblood 4 in November, Snakesblood 5 in January or February next year, and Snakesblood 6 about 2 or 3 months after that.

I still hope to finish my Keeper’s Kin series this fall, and still tentatively expect the last book, Her Midnight Hunter, will be out in late October. That book’s half written now, so with TSQ completed, that gives me a couple months to finish it up.

The biggest impact we’ll be seeing is delays in the release of Spectrum Blade, which I was originally supposed to finish writing this fall. But with no idea when our schedule at home will return to normal, it seemed best to push the Spectrum Legacy project back a few months. As a result, we’ll probably be seeing Spectrum Blade some time next summer.

That leaves me with eight releases this year, which is still a lot. I don’t expect people to read through the series quite as fast as I’m releasing it, but with all the uncertainty in the air these days, it seems wisest to get everything out as quickly as possible. It’ll still be there when you’re ready to read. 😉

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