Revisiting the world of Keeper’s Kin

Over the past couple months, I’ve mentioned in passing that I’d be working my way back to completing the last book in my Keeper’s Kin core trilogy. Actually getting back to it and making the choice to follow through has been something else entirely.

I’m a big believer in finishing what you start, but let me be honest up front–if not for the book already being halfway done and me just needing to finish what’s already most of the way there, I probably wouldn’t come back to it. There are a lot of reasons it would be smarter to put the book aside, really. For one, it became evident pretty early on from the overall negative reception of the series that the things I like in the vampire/PNR genre as a reader aren’t what other readers enjoyed. Those were the things I focused on in my work and it didn’t go well. But I don’t see a lot of point in writing something that suits someone else’s taste and doesn’t bring me enjoyment, so I wasn’t going to change the way I was doing things.

It’s also not a book that’s going to do anything for my author platform, because I don’t have plans to write any more paranormal novels after this one. Fantasy has always been what I enjoyed most, it’s what I’m best at, and it’s what seems to finally be working for me as an author. Readers seem to be enjoying my fantasy stories, and I’m definitely enjoying writing them a lot more.

It’s also not really wise to invest much time or effort into a series that doesn’t sell. I won’t get a return on investment with this one. Not the money it’ll cost to produce, and not the time it will take to write it. On top of all those reasons, I’m a better writer now than I was when the previous Keeper’s Kin books were written. I’ve learned a lot about story structure and even just grammar since 2016, when I decided to start that story world.To make the series into something presentable, I’d need to go back and start with Keeper’s Finder, then work my way through the two existing Midnight books to improve sentence structure and correct grammatical issues and just… overall bring the books up to my current level of writing. However, that would be an enormous investment of time, and once again, there’s not going to be a return on that effort.

But, like I said, I’m a big believer in finishing what you start.

The plot threads I started with this story adventure have been hanging in my head for years and it would be nice to get them out. I’ll feel better if I wrap up all the things I left hanging, so I’ll be skimming through the first half of Her Midnight Hunter, fixing what I can, and resume writing the story on August 1. I’ll be giving the Midnight books new covers, too, so that they’ll hopefully more clearly portray what readers can expect from the story. Then I’ll release the last book into the wild this fall, letting it slowly and peacefully fade away into the background as I move on to the stories that excite me most now.

I’d previously split my email newsletter in two, dividing content between paranormal and fantasy, but I’m going to do away with that divide too. I haven’t had anything new to send to paranormal readers for a few years, so when HMH is finished and on its way, I’ll send a notice to the paranormal side letting them know they can switch to receiving updates about my fantasy stories… then I’ll erase that list.

I’m excited to get it wrapped up and be done, to fulfill the obligations I gave myself when I began the series and then let go. It feels like freedom, you know?

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