Free Silhouette divider tabs cut file

Short and simple: I bought a bin for small art prints and needed some tabs for the cardboard dividers between them.  I found lots of printable options, but none made it easy for me to change colors, and none made it easy to pop the thing into Silhouette Studio and make nice cuts. Print bleed wasn’t cooperating. So I opened Illustrator and drew my own tabs, then fixed it up in Silhouette Studio so it’s all set for my Cameo 3.

Pretty simple here: Print and cut on your cardstock or sticker paper of choice. If you want to change colors, just select the big box of color and change as you please. Or, delete the colors and use patterned cardstock to make things more interesting.

Click here to download the .studio3 file.

That’s all this time. It’s free. Hope someone finds it useful.

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