New covers for the Keeper’s Kin

Now that the final Keeper’s Kin installment is officially underway, it meant it was time to put together a cover… and why not freshen up the series while I’m at it? So I went back to the drawing board and started over fresh with the trilogy, putting together updated covers for Her Midnight Cowboy and Her Midnight Wedding, as well. Last week, they began quietly rolling out, as it takes time for new covers to appear.

Covers for these have always been a challenge, because they’re cross-cross-genre. Paranormal romance is easy, cowboy romance is easy, vampires are easy, but how do you put them all together? Western paranormal romance trends heavily toward werewolves. Western vampire paranormal romance unfortunately… doesn’t really exist. In the years since I started this series, I only ever found three other books that sort of touched on the same subjects.

That’s a very small niche.

Regardless, it’s good for a designer to stretch their ability to fit book covers into unusual genres, and I’m content with the way these new covers look. Maybe you’ve seen a couple of them already. But the last one, the cover for Her Midnight Hunter, has nowhere to be shown but here.

Ready? Here’s all three:

Keeper's Kin covers

And yes, this means this is serving as the official cover reveal for Her Midnight Hunter!

These new covers should show up everywhere soon, if they haven’t already… and the preorder for HMH will be up in early September.

More soon!

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