My first planner from Webster’s Pages

Right before Q2 of this year started, I decided I wanted to get a few more planner binders so I could use them in rotation to keep them from wearing out. While I love my current planner–the iridescent mermaid scale pattern from Recollections–more than I can say, it also came with a gash across the spine where a reckless employee had slashed it while opening boxes. I’ve spent close to a year trying to replace it, but I’m very particular about how the scale pattern lines up on the spine, and I haven’t been happy with any I’ve seen in stores. None ever have the wider belly scales across the spine. Over time, that’s going to come apart, no matter what I do.

I had difficulty finding anything I wanted. One thing I knew I wanted for sure was a navy blue binder that I could dress up in Ilmenhith’s colors, so I’d have a planner inspired by my own stories. Turns out navy planners are hard to find–it doesn’t seem to be a very “in” color. I found one from Webster’s Pages, but I could never justify the cost.

Then the back-to-school sale hit.

I didn’t just get the planner–I got a couple gifts for my sisters and some things my middle sister wanted, too, and I also got myself a stationery tray–mostly for the adorable little stamp in it, because I could see that being infinitely useful and stamps are something I haven’t added into my planner caddy just yet.

I’m sure some of the other things will be nice to have and make themselves useful, too, but the stationery kit was all of $5 and it seemed like a good deal.

Then there was my magnificent planner, which is the first planner I’ve ever had that came in a box. Uh, fancy!

I found the presentation lovely and couldn’t wait to pop it open. Of course, my daughter was sitting next to me, doing school, so she insisted on helping me set things up for photos. She sprinkled some of her favorite feathers around on the table for me. My husband recently remarked that it feels a bit like raising a druid, with all the feathers and twigs and pebbles and dried leaves we find around the house. Personally, I found the blue jay feather to be an excellent touch.

The color was just what I wanted and the binder felt sturdy, although I’m a little less certain about the closure. It still feels “loose” to me after it’s snapped together. I’ve given it a good look-over and I’m pretty sure it’s supposed to feel that way, but it still doesn’t feel as secure as I’d hope for a planner that’s normally $55. Needless to say, I was pretty happy I’d gotten it on sale for $20.

While I really like the gold accents and the transparent lettered page at the front, I found I wasn’t super in love with the colors in the rest of the insert. I wasn’t totally attached to them, fortunately, since I was planning to customize the planner anyway.

A lot of the colors and aesthetics don’t work for me, so I’ll probably give them away…

…but I do really like the monthly and weekly pages.

I don’t see myself using them right away, as I’m pretty attached to my HB90 Method insert and feel like I’m just now hitting my stride in using it, but I like the idea of doing a full year overview with birthdays and things on the monthly calendar pages and maybe using the smaller weekly pages for short journaling or a sort of daily brain-dump, but we’ll see when it’s time to switch.

I’ll probably switch to using this binder at the end of September, since October begins Q4 and I’ll be switching gears anyway. I’m looking forward to using it, and I’m glad I was able to get the color I really wanted. But what other colors do I need? Hmm…

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