Refreshing the old

Pretty soon after I started working on Her Midnight Hunter, I ran into the problem that I haven’t touched the series in several years, and my memory of events in the books were a little bit hazy. When I wrote Her Midnight Cowboy, I kept comprehensive notes in one of my personal sized planners. Then after the book was done, what brilliant thing did I do?

Threw them away.

Writing Her Midnight Wedding was no challenge, because I’d just done three books in the series back to back. When I picked up HMH again, I assumed the outline I’d written right after completing HMW would be enough to carry me through. Unsurprisingly, it wasn’t, but I admit this is probably because of my very bad habit of having large chunks of outline that read simply “Things happen” or sometimes, less articulately, “???”

So, the project got delayed a little, because I had to go back and reread everything I’d done–and I do mean everything, because characters from Keeper’s Finder are present in HMH, too.

How could I possibly make this situation worse for myself?

Well… it’s hard for me to read without mentally editing (which is why it’s hard for me to find books I like!) and you can probably guess what that led to. Mental editing turned into real editing, which means the earlier books will end up getting a little extra polish along the way. Granted, that’s not a bad thing; the prose in those books is pretty different from the way I write now, as I’m older and more experienced, and I have worried the transition from old writing to new in HMH would be jarring. They won’t be substantial differences, but hopefully the places I’ve smoothed out the grammar and corrected a few lingering typos will help. There’s also formatting to consider–re-editing the books now means I can switch to using Vellum for formatting, which will make my life a lot easier in the long run.

All this just means that finishing HMH will take a bit longer than I expected, since I took myself off down a tangential side road. I think I’ll feel better for having done this, but it does mean I probably won’t hit my initial goal of getting HMH out by the end of September. Good thing I’m not doing a preorder for this one! As long as I get it out by Halloween, I’ll be happy…

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