Sketching stickers

When I was working on the sticker sheet of Vahn to go with the release of Snakesblood #3, I realized it would be a lot more efficient if I made all my stickers at once. So I went ahead and sketched out the stickers that will go with the rest of the series.

I was delighted to see that Kyt was highly in demand–a number of people reached out to ask if there was going to be a sticker set featuring Kytenia. The answer is yes, of course! Kyt’s stickers will go out with book 4, Serpent’s Wake, which is scheduled to release in November.

Sketches of stickers featuring Snakesblood Saga characters

Kyt still needs another item or two added to her sheet, I think, but she’ll be the next sticker sheet I draw and color.

After Kyt, I had a lot of mixed feelings about who to include for book 5, and I may end up drawing more characters if I have time… but for right now, I’m planning to include Sera with #5, and Envesi with #6.

I didn’t know what kind of objects to give Envesi, so I asked for suggestions on Instagram, and let me just say I absolutely did not expect the extreme vitriol readers had to share when it came to her. Ouch! On the one hand, it’s good that she makes people feel so strongly, but it’s also a little worrisome HOW strongly they feel!

Either way, Envesi’s stickers are here to stay for book 6, but I included a knife, so you can arrange the stickers so she’s getting stabbed if you so desire. That choice is up to you.

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