Tea Review: Adagio Tiefling Candy fandom blend

Critical Role is one of those series I keep meaning to start with and just can’t find time to begin. I feel like everything’s always hinting that I’ll like it–then I got a sample of this tea.

Tiefling Candy is a very strange blend. I squinted at the ingredients list a few times because it struck me as so odd. Flavors I would never imagine putting together, and a lot of them, at that. It’s a black tea base, with fruit, flowers, cocoa, and… butterscotch? I know I saw marigold petals in there, but the fragrance was so intensely everything  that from the moment I had the package open, I knew it was going to be an experience.

A photograph of loose leaf tea, Tiefling Candy.
I’m doing something different with my photos, by the way–It’s a pain to mess up an extra plate for photos, so I figure a shot in my teapot’s infuser is just as good! See the marigold petals?

After brewing, the most prevalent fragrance was apricot, which made me a bit wary. Peaches don’t do it for me, and apricots don’t, either. But at first taste, all I picked up was blueberries and a little hint of coconut. The tea was surprisingly sweet straight, with tart tones of fruit and flowers taking a front seat in the flavor.  If you’ve read any of my other tea commentaries, though, you know I like mine sweet.

I added a little of my stevia/erythritol blend to sweeten it up–1/8th of a teaspoon, which would be similar to maybe 3/4ths a teaspoon of rock sugar. That brought out a little more of the butterscotch, but I felt like the black tea base still needed something to balance it out, so I added just a tiny bit of milk. Ahhh, there it was. The cocoa and butterscotch came to the front and mellowed everything out nice and warm, letting it blend together into a tasty fruity-sweet mix.

Bizarre as the ingredients are, the taste was wonderful, and I think I’ll have a second cup.

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