All the things that didn’t get done

At the beginning of the year, I laid out my plan with 3 main goal categories. What fit into those categories seemed pretty straightforward and possible, but my goals definitely didn’t align with what was possible given the course of the year.

Writing takes a lot of time, and by the time we were halfway through April, I knew a lot of things would have to be let go just because I was drowning under the effort of keeping things going. Now, two weeks from the end of the year, I can pretty safely say what is or isn’t going to be done by the end of the year.

On the plus side…

I did pretty well with my publishing goals, all things considered. My goal included writing 3 books and publishing 9 new titles. All the releases I’ll be able to do this year are now out, which means I did manage to get 8 new books out:

To Steal the World (Westkings Heist #1)
To Steal the Crown (Westkings Heist #2)
Serpent’s Mark (Snakesblood Saga #1)
Serpent’s Tears (Snakesblood Saga #2)
To Steal the Queen (Westkings Heist #3)
Serpent’s Bane (Snakesblood Saga #3)
Serpent’s Wake (Snakesblood Saga #4)
Her Midnight Hunter (Keeper’s Kin #3)

…are all new releases. I also wrote a couple short stories and got those out, and ended up polishing and releasing The City of Arches as its own adventure novella.

The other things on the list were getting tons of home improvement projects done and working on my physical health. Both of those were sort of hit and miss.

For the house, I did manage to get the kitchen flooring laid and I repainted the master bathroom.

And as for me, I lost 22 pounds and that definitely had a positive impact on my joint pain.

On the down side…

I’d wanted to have Serpent’s Crown (Snakesblood #5) out this year, but it won’t be until February. I’d also wanted to have Spectrum Blade (Spectrum Legacy #1) done this year, and that won’t happen, either. There just wasn’t enough time, since I have less than an hour a day to work on my books. All things considered, getting eight books (plus Arches, so I guess sort of nine? Hmm…) released in one very trying year isn’t too bad, even if it isn’t where I wanted to be.

The house was also supposed to be finished by now, but it’s nowhere near done. Everyone wanted to fix up their houses in the extra time they suddenly had at home, which meant all of a sudden, you couldn’t even get paint chips or flooring samples to plan improvements, much less the materials to make the changes. So while the living room and kitchen are mostly done, there are a few places that still need work. I’m still waiting for thresholds and reducers in the right color to come back in stock, and they’re so back-ordered that I can’t get them online, either. I’m also not done painting the master bath, and I think finishing painting bedroom doors has been on my list for a year. I got a spray gun to help with that, but as of yet, I don’t have anywhere set up that I can actually do the spraying.

And while I’d love to finish painting the trim in the bathroom, I’ve still got a lot of aches and pains–worse in some places, since I had that weird episode of… I don’t know what, back in the spring, and may not ever find out. Either way, it left my knees crunchy, and aggravating pinched nerves in my shoulders is a permanent ongoing problem. So those things definitely won’t get done this year, and will probably happen slowly over the course of next year, if at all.

I’m already working out my plans and goals for next year, and hopefully they’ll be more realistic for the current level of work I can get done, but I’ll save that for another time.

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