Tea Review: Adagio Cherry Tea

You all know I love berry blends, right? Fruity teas are some of my favorites? And cherries are my favorite fruit. I can eat a pound of cherries in a sitting and still want more. So I expected I’d really love this blend. It’s got dried cherries and rose petals in it! What wasn’t to love?

Adagio cherry tea

Unfortunately, this tea fell into a pitfall so many other cherry flavored things do: It smelled great while steeping, but when I had a sip… it tasted like cough medicine to me. The flavor was almost overwhelming when I had it plain. Some of the medicinal taste was alleviated by the addition of sugar and milk, but not enough to really make it enjoyable. The cherry flavor itself was a bit on the tart side and wasn’t aided by the sugar–or at least, not to a level I felt I could enjoy.

On the plus side, It’s absolutely heavenly to smell, and I could see it being enjoyable to drink if I was under the weather and needing the placebo effect of that cough drop flavor.

All that said, this one’s a pass for me, and I’m glad all I had was a single serving sample packet, because I won’t feel obligated to drink any more!

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