Spectrum Blade is now available!

Here we go again! A new adventure to kick off a new series. This one has been in the works for about five years, and I’m so happy to finally have it where you can see it!

If you preordered the ebook edition, it’ll be on your Kindle or Kindle app now. Otherwise, the book is available for Kindle and is free for Kindle Unlimited readers.

Click here to grab an ebook copy from Amazon.

And of course, I promised signed paperbacks! They’re expected to arrive in about a month, give or take, but if you preorder now, you won’t receive an invoice until the books actually arrive. If a signed paperback is your jam, you can fill out this form to request one, and you’ll get an invoice as soon as they’re actually ready to ship out. They’ll all come with a bookmark featuring the cover art, of course.

If you’re still unsure, keep scrolling to learn a little more about this series…


On the day of the Spring Choosing, when the king’s army selects its new recruits, Zaide stood ready to answer the call to arms. Instead, he was pulled from the ranks to become a mage’s apprentice, despite bearing no magic in his blood.

One year later, with Zaide past the age of selection, the scholar’s life he never wanted is shattered when his village is razed by the monsters magic should have held at bay. As the Elder’s apprentice, his task is clear. He must seek an artifact in the forest’s temple and restore the power that protects his home—a power he can never touch alone.

But the temple is not what it seems, and his mission is complicated when he encounters a mysterious girl in the forest who bears a quest of her own: claim the same artifact, and destroy the dark forces that threaten her homeland once and for all.

Spectrum Blade is the first book in an all-new epic fantasy series, available now.

To quote one of several early readers who said basically the same thing, “If The Legend of Zelda was a book, it would be this.” And thank goodness, too, because who knows how much longer we have to wait for Breath of the Wild 2.

Ready to read? Go get it!

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