Project timeline for 2022

Or, more likely, “wishful thinking for 2022.”

I’m pretty bad about biting off more than I can chew, and by the time this goes up, I’ll be about a week into my new writing schedule and hopefully starting to get a handle on what things will be like. I’ll write more about that whole process another time, on its own, but for now I wanted to take a second to put all my thoughts on digital paper.

I’ve been outlining my goals for 2022, and one big one is catching up to where I wanted to be this year. I don’t think I’ll ever regain the lost time the pandemic took from me, but trying is better than nothing. By the end of this year, I’d wanted to have the first half of the Spectrum Legacy series written and waiting in the wings. Instead, I’m just now getting started on book 2.

Next year, I want to finish the series.

It won’t all get published next year, of course. Book 2 will go out in the spring, and hopefully books 3, 4, and 5 will follow. 4 releases a year seems like a reasonable goal and something that can be accomplished. That means the last book in the series will probably be released in early 2023, but I may need to temper those expectations. Realistically, I think books 2, 3, and 4 will make it out. 5 is where I start to question myself, and I know any more than that isn’t possible.

I’m also starting to look forward to what comes next. I have 3 series lined up and waiting their turn after Spectrum is done, and a handful of standalones that I’d like to see the light of day at some point, too.

But as I’m working on this… help me, seriously. Ask me how it’s going. Encourage me to keep this crazy pace. Writing is a very lonely pastime, and having someone peek in to cheer you on means a lot. I’m going to keep sharing word count updates on Instagram every day, if I can, so you can see my progress. Here was the first post about it, back during NaNo, just for easy reference–you can see how I’ve come along since then.

Drop me a comment here, there, or on Facebook. I’ll do my best to keep the stories coming. You just keep reading!

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