Winter stories

Back in 2015, as I was trying to get back into writing after a few years without, my friend Megan suggested I try some writing prompts. I did, for a while, and it was fun. I just couldn’t keep up with a story every week, and sometimes even one a month is hard for me to get done. I’d rather write books, besides.

That said, an interesting thing that surfaced as I looked back over the stories was that a lot of them took place in winter… or at least somewhere cold. I decided to round those up and link to them here, in case you’re short on reading material. They’re old, rough, unedited… and I think I’ve come a long way as a writer since I did these, but they might still be fun.

So here’s the four stories, and a quick sentence about each. You can click the title to visit the story here on my site.

A Garnet
A short featuring Firal as a young Mageling, as she makes a wish for the winter solstice. Set before Serpent’s Mark.

Something in Common
A fun moment of connection between Rune and Rhyllyn. Set after Serpent’s Wake.

What She Found Under the Snow
A short about a girl named Kaia who lives in a dark, snowy world. An early exploratory piece for a series about elemental worlds I’d like to write someday.

As Cold as the Desert
A heartwarming moment between Laele and Arrios. Not technically winter, but cold, nonetheless.

Happy reading!

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