Tea Review: Independence Coffee Company’s Party on the Brazos

There’s something I’ve noticed about teas I’ve tried through the years. The busier a tea is, the less likely I am to like it. So as I read the label on this one, I found myself squinting and frowning. Especially since I haven’t tried a tea from Independence Coffee Company that I’ve disliked yet. I figured I was due, and there were a couple points against this one from the beginning. Passion fruit isn’t a favorite flavor of mine. While the mango and pineapple bits sounded appealing, I wasn’t too sure about the papaya, either. Nonetheless, I scooped a teaspoon of Party on the Brazos into my infuser and hoped for the best.

Whatever they did with this tea, it took everything I dislike about papaya and passion fruit flavors and tossed them out the window, letting them offer bold sweetness to complement the tang of pineapple, and the sugary-sweet flavors of mango are always a favorite of mine. Needless to say, it was unexpected, and I don’t think I’ve enjoyed anything passion fruit like this before.

Aside from the fruit, it’s a blend of green and black tea with flowers for color, so there are grassy notes in there too that provided a fresh backdrop for the punch of fruity sweetness. I didn’t need to add anything to this tea; I think the hint of bite from the pineapple wouldn’t have gone over well with milk, and it’s already so sweet on its own that any sweeteners would have made it overwhelming. The only thing I think I did wrong was having this in the winter, because the flavor’s really light and refreshing, so I think this would be ideal for summer nights when I still want something warm, but nothing with any kind of spice.

Honestly, can they get no blends wrong? With as picky a drinker as I’ve become, I really feel like one should have struck out by now. I didn’t expect to like this one so much, but it’s going on my shelf of favorites, especially for when summertime rolls around. Five stars!

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