Colorful teas

As we stopped by aisle of coffee and tea for my husband to replenish his coffee supply, a little box of tea that was on sale caught my eye. Green tea with blueberry, pomegranate, and açaí. Sounded good.

Being that it was all of two dollars, I tossed it in the cart. A few days later, when the writing wasn’t going well, I decided to give it a try.

Normally when I drink new teas, I review them, and this one was plenty tasty… but not too different from most berry blends. Where it did differ, though, was how bright the tea was. It was a bold purple, and when I sweetened it a bit and added some milk because I wanted to go the berries and cream route, it turned a lovely shade of lavender, and it kind of got me thinking.

Tea parties could be a lot of fun if color-themed.

Pick decorations and teas that go together. Pastel teas. Brightly-colored tropical teas. Certain ingredients make for different colors, and I was a little sad when I realized I could color-coordinate my teas with my teacups, if only I had the right blends.

Hibiscus makes a strong red tea. Rosehips are more of a red-orange. Mint makes a pale yellow, and matcha, of course, is green… and not necessarily tea, by the rules of it.

I have an orange herbal blend that makes a richly orange brew,  but purple? Well… this was a first. I figured blue would be out of the question, since so few plants result in blue pigmentation in the natural world. I don’t think I’m about to go mixing indigo into my tea, so it may be the one place that the desired color can’t be found through natural means.

Where was I going with this? I actually don’t remember–I got distracted drinking the last of my purple tea. All I know is I want some more. More colors, more variety, more blends that mellow the colors interestingly when milk is stirred in… but most of all, I want interesting tea colors that also taste good.

So if you have recommendations, put them here. This one is nice for a lavender or lilac shade, or a rich plum purple if you don’t add milk.

Please recommend me some colorful blends, and I’ll share photos of my teacups to go with them.

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  1. A friend gifted me chai masala made from pea blossoms. Different milks and creamers changed the shade of blue from sky to light teal. No mater the shade, I pretended I was drinking bantha milk tea.

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