Burnout blues

I’d hoped this one would be a post where I told you Paragon of Water was done, and that I was starting the next project, excited to get it underway.

Needless to say, that didn’t happen. April was a great month for writing, but a lot of surprises came in May. Unfortunately, when you’re already juggling things, adding one more means dropping the ball. I thought I’d be able to put everything down and regroup fairly quickly, but then the little one got sick and ended up being home from school a lot, and that sort of brought the month to an end. The best laid plans, right?

So things are moving a little slower than anticipated. I’m outlining the project that’ll come after Paragon of Water, making plans for a fun smaller project I might try to slip in after Paragon of Light, and that’s enough to keep me feeling creative, though not quite enough to get words on the page.

The good news is, shifting my schedule this year gives me enough space that taking time off won’t affect the number of books I get done this year; I still expect two more, and Paragon of Water is tentatively scheduled for the last weekend of October, now. It might be a week sooner, but we’ll have to see how the calendar dates line up. I write slower over the summer, but will be back in full swing in August, so the book will be wrapped up by then no matter what.

Inspiration can be capricious, so I’m not sure which project is going to hit completion first, but we’ll find out.  No matter what, I’ll have some more about one of these upcoming books for you soon, so I’ll keep you updated on how this break goes.

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