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Last month, I wrote a scene in Paragon of Water (the upcoming third book in Spectrum Legacy) where Zaide penned a letter to his foster parents. This started a small writing exercise for me. What might be in that letter? How many letters would a homesick character write? I decided to jot down some ideas of what his letters might entail, and that soon expanded into writing some letters from other characters, too. It’s something small, but fun, to help me stay deep in a character’s point of view while I’m working on chapters from their perspective… or experiencing a lull between their chapters, where I feel a little disconnected from their mindset.

Photo by Debbie Hudson on Unsplash

I sent the first of these letters home as part of last month’s newsletter, but it was fun to write, so I figured I’d make it a practice. Not all the characters are the letter writing sort, so there will probably be some journal entries and things along the way, but it’s a chance to get a glimpse into the thought processes of the characters in the stories… and maybe pick up a few extra tidbits you might not learn about their families otherwise.

The second set of letters–from two different characters, this time!–will be going out with my monthly newsletter update this weekend. I don’t plan to post these on my website, since they’re bound to be rife with spoilers for the people who haven’t started the series. So if you want to read, the newsletter will be the only way to get them. And if you haven’t read it yet, you’ll get a digital copy of The Choosing when you sign up. It’s a short story about Zaide’s Choosing and one of the background events that set things up for Spectrum Blade.

You can hop over to my newsletter page to sign up now. And if you want the one you missed, let me know. If there’s enough interest, I might set up an archive exclusive for newsletter subscribers, so that past letters can be perused at your convenience.

Now, wish me luck. I’ve got to finish Paragon of Water this week, before summer break begins.

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