Artisan Magic

Each time I start a project that takes place in a new world, there’s the task of determining how the magic works. Magic has appeared in every fantasy story I’ve written, even if it hasn’t been in the forefront where it’s easily seen. In stories like Of Blood and Rain, the magic is quite mysterious, clearly influencing the world, but escaping the grasp or understanding of the main characters. In things like the Snakesblood books, it’s front and center and deeply developed, while the magic in Spectrum Legacy is a little more ambiguous, but touched on enough to provide a clear understanding of what magic can and cannot do.

Image via Ann Milovidova, Pixabay

For my latest standalone project, which is being written alongside the end of Paragon of Water, I decided to root the story in yet another world, which lets me explore a new type of power: Artisan magic.

Artisan magic is one of the focal points of the story. For a good while, the working title of the book has been Threadmancer. That won’t likely be the name the book is published under, but it might function as a series title if I eventually write more. Then again, Artisan Magic wouldn’t be a bad series name either. Hmm.

For Threadmancer, the lead character is a seamstress (something I know a little bit about, myself) with the power to sew magic into the garments she creates. And that’s an important rule for the artisan magic in this world, because magic can only inhabit things physically crafted by people with the right set of skills. Mages weave power into their creations, be they threadmancers (like our heroine) or metalmancers, who might forge a weapon or armor that bears special powers. But the mages themselves can wield no power, only what they’re able to create.

On the other side of the coin, there are the ravelers, who have the ability to strip magic from imbued objects. They’re considerably more rare, but their power has the potential to be used for wicked or for great good, as they’re the only ones who have the skill necessary to unravel dangerous curses from items made with ill intent.

Anyway, I’ve been poking along with the book for a bit now, so I thought you might enjoy a little peek into one of the building blocks for this new fantasy story. I hope to have it done by this fall, but a lot can change between now and then, so we’ll see what happens. I’ll have more to share before long.

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