Library dreams

You know the ones. The Pinterest libraries with the white shelves, the fairy lights, all the books.

Most of my books were a casualty of moving. They’re big and heavy, take a ton of space, and anything I didn’t love or anticipate reading (or reading again) was given away. So right away, I was going to start at a disadvantage. And while our new house came with a furnished library space, the bookshelves they’d left behind were black, and the loft was very gloomy.

How, then, is a bookworm to get an attractive library space? Without several hundred dollars to drop on new shelving?

Contact paper, I guess.

Three rolls was enough to change the backing color of all eight shelves, though I wish someone had warned me that Contact paper shrinks after application. That certainly wasn’t mentioned in any of the homey upcycling blogs where I saw people doing this. So there are visible seams between every piece, but hey, at least it’s brighter, and you can actually see the books now.

Someday, I’ll have a chance to redo it properly, but at least it’s a little more airy without a massive wall of black. And I don’t have any more books than these, unless we could my own stock that goes in the my shop of signed books, but someday I’ll fill these shelves up… or else replace them with something smaller and better-suited to the size of my literary collection.

How would you decorate a space like this? a 20-foot-long wall that hosts eight bookshelves and has no outlets?

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