Little Figures

I’ve enjoyed the idea of having physical representations of my story characters since I started writing Snakesblood Saga, many years ago. I’ve shared the various dolls I’ve created here, and they’re a big part of my presence on social media, too. But over time, big dolls presented big problems.

Eventually, you’re out of room.

So I went smaller for Spectrum Legacy. Instead of my big 65 to 70cm dolls, I decided to do little ones. At first, I planned to repaint Monster High dolls, but I couldn’t find base dolls I liked for some of the face shapes. I might revisit that plan someday, but for now, the right choice for Spectrum ended up being chibis. I recently finished my first, and of course, it’s Zaide.

And while it was fun, there were some unique challenges I didn’t anticipate. Learning to 3D sculpt hair, for example. Figuring out how to keep the outfit simple and thin enough that the doll would still pose. Working out how to make his feet, because his boots are just that–they’re actually feet that connect to the doll’s leg with a little peg piece. And surprisingly, the sword ended up being the hardest to work out of all, because getting that iridescent/holographic shine took a lot of brainstorming. The solution was ultimately simple.

I recorded bits and pieces of the creation process and shared it on YouTube which you can see here if you’re interested:

But the process of making him and getting pieces together to start working on other characters from the series made me wonder how many more characters I can create.

I certainly still intend to see the Spectrum crew made, or at least, most of them: I’ve got Zaide, and soon I’ll be making Lark, Tula, Andriun, and Gadranus… who should be interesting, because I’ll have to figure out how to make some teeny tiny armor.

It also made me want to create chibis for other characters… some of whom already have doll forms. But come on, I drew really cute chibis for Rune and Firal that became stickers to go with Snakesblood, and now I could make them into Nendoroids, too? It’s an adorable idea, you have to admit it.

Regardless of the others from other series, though, I need to start work on the next Spectrum character soon. But who should I make next? What do you think? Which character should be the first at Zaide’s side?

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