Cover Reveal: Paragon of Water

It’s almost time for book 3 of Spectrum Legacy!
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Restoring the power to seal evil depends on one man. Evil may have reached him first.

For helping Zaide recover the artifact needed to access the Spectrum Blade, Andriun was labeled a traitor. Resigned to his fate, he now lives in exile, but Zaide and Lark need one more thing. The blessing of Andriun’s father, the Paragon of Water, is the final key to unlocking the ancient sword’s power. Only once the blade is restored can they confront their enemy and halt the Rise.

With Andriun’s banishment, Zaide sees little reason to trust the Paragon, especially when the mountains under the man’s protection now teem with the enemy’s monsters. He’s certain there’s another solution, but his confidence in that—and himself—is shaken when Andriun’s knowledge uncovers secrets Zaide never wished to know.

As these revelations threaten the foundation of their fledgling group, Lark is forced to take charge. She still believes Andriun can help them, but confronting the Paragon to learn where his allegiance lies could cost the only thing Andriun has left: his life.

Paragon of Water, the third book of Spectrum Legacy, will be released November 26.

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