About My Dolls

In addition to writing, I collect ball-jointed dolls, often referred to as BJDs for short. Almost all of my dolls are “shells” for characters from my stories. While my collection is primarily Asian ball-jointed dolls and dolls I have sculpted on my own, I have owned others–particularly Nendoroid dolls, who will eventually be added to this page!

Click on a doll’s picture to learn more about the doll and character.

Not Pictured, coming soon:
Garam: Iplehouse EID model WIP
Sera: Dollshe 26F Classic WIP
Nova: Fairyland Minifee Carol Vampire head
Elia: Dollshe Diana head
Cornelius: Doll Family Bobo

My daughter’s dolls:
Veronica: Kid Delf Jamong

Free Resources for dolls

I offer a number of tutorials for customization on my doll-focused YouTube channel, Lomi’s Playground.
There you will find guides that will help you learn to paint your own dolls, create custom eyes and wigs, and even learn to sew using patterns I provide.

If you’re looking for my sewing patterns, you can find them here:
Free Sewing Patterns for Dolls

Most of these patterns are made for BJDs. All of these patterns have been created by me, made to fit doll sizes I currently own or have owned in the past. Please note that my patterns are for personal use only. If you wish to use them commercially, please contact me via email or Instagram.

Support my work

Though I try to offer budget-friendly solutions by providing free patterns and education to help people create clothing and accessories for their dolls, it requires a great deal of time and a number of expensive materials to create these tutorials. If you have benefited from my work, or would like to see me continue to create these resources for dolls, please consider leaving me a tip on Ko-Fi.

Due to time constraints, I do not currently accept commissions.

Thank you for your interest in my hobby!