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Below is a full list of my novels and novellas, sorted by series and listed in recommended reading order.
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Fantasy Titles

Serpent's Mark by Beth AlvarezSnakesblood Saga
An upcoming series and the reason I write.
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Gale's Gift by Beth AlvarezGale’s Gift
A free novella available to read right here on my website.
Adventure isn’t high on the list of things Morghram is looking for, but Eona’s promise of rich rewards could change his life, restoring the comfortable lifestyle stolen by the wartime injury that forced him to forsake his career. Though tired and past his prime, his sword is king’s steel, and the scars on his body prove his skill was hard won. Together, they may just stand a chance.
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Of Blood and Rain by Beth AlvarezOf Blood and Rain
Until the riddle is answered, the curse will grow. If Aryina can’t unravel the puzzle and break the curse before their water supply runs out, then all that’s left of Strale–and the reputation of the legendary Knights of Sonus–will crumble like the desert earth.
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To Steal the World by Beth AlvarezTo Steal the World
The first book in the Westkings Heist novella series. Excitement and adventure following Tahl, the would-be legendary mage thief.

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To Steal the CrownTo Steal the Crown
The second book in the Westkings Heist novella series. Ongoing excitement and adventure following Tahl, the would-be legendary mage thief.

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Paranormal Titles

After Undeath

Born of the Moon
Book One: Death of the Sun
Angela Pierce swore off relationships after leaving her controlling ex. Swallowed by her workaholic tendencies, she doesn’t have time for men anyway–she barely has time for her best friend. So when a girls’ night out goes wrong, all she really wants is an easy escape route, but something about Blaine keeps her looking back…
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Book Two: Born of the Moon
Clinging to her memories of their time together, Grace seeks Blaine, the only one who can help her have the life she wants…
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Keeper’s Kin

Keeper's Kin books by Beth Alvarez

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Keeper’s Finder
Josh never expected to wake from his grave for a job interview. Now he has one last chance to win the girl of his dreams. The catch? He’s got three days.
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Her Midnight Cowboy
As a vampire, two rules keep Kade safe: Work alone, and don’t get involved. Forget the rules. That pretty little baker is just the thing he needs.
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The First Hunt
Kade’s origins, prequel to Her Midnight Cowboy. An exclusive free novella for newsletter readers. Contains some spoilers, so make sure you read Her Midnight Cowboy first! 
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Her Midnight Wedding
The sequel to Her Midnight Cowboy.
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Coming 2020: Her Midnight Hunter