Face-up commission information

Want me to paint your doll?
Face-up commissions are currently OPEN.
Limited to three slots. No reservations or holds.
No recasts, please.
Progress is listed by doll sculpt/resin color, rather than commissioner names, to protect privacy.

Current turnaround time: Two to four weeks

Slots / Progress updates
1. Fairyland Minifee Winking Honoka – Pending
2. Open
3. Open


Standard face-up: Introductory price: $25+, any size (Tattoos, freckles, facial hair, etc. will cost extra. Inquire for details.)
Face-up removal: $5+ (I am not responsible for staining under an existing faceup. If staining is found, you will be contacted. If the faceup removal proves unusually difficult, an extra charge may apply. Face-up removal costs will never exceed $10.)
Elf ear modifications: $20+ (Price increases depending on size/detail of ears. Color matching is required with this service if I am doing the faceup.)
Color matching: $10 (Head only, must provide resin sample to match to. Color matching is required for elf ear modifications if I am doing the faceup.)
Eyelashes: $1 (Application only, you must provide the eyelashes you want. I do not stock eyelashes.)

You are responsible for paying for shipping both to and from my location. Dolls will be returned in the same packaging they are received in when shipped to me, so please secure your doll well and include a face protector if you desire one. I do not provide face protectors. While I am careful with all packages in my possession, insurance is highly recommended because I cannot guarantee how the postal service will handle the box!


Paints, pastels, pencils and gloss
• Golden and Liquitex artist acrylic paints
• Holbein and Arteza premium gouache
• Loew-Cornell and Schmincke pastels
• Derwent, Faber-Castell, and Arteza Expert watercolor pencils
• Americana Triple-Thick Gloss
• Liquitex gloss varnish
• Tamiya X-22 Gloss
• Jacquard Pearl-Ex pearl powders
I do not use any oil-based materials on any dolls.

Solvents for doll cleaning and face-up removal
• Winsor & Newton Brush Cleaner
• Pure acetone*

*I’ve done heavy customization of dolls belonging to both me and others and have never had issues using acetone for face-up removal. I do not typically use acetone except on unusually stubborn areas, such as those heavily glossed. However, if you do not want acetone used on your doll, please let me know. Most face-ups can be removed with brush cleaner alone, but may take additional time and work, and so may cost extra. If your doll is vinyl or ABS, it MUST be cleaned with acetone.

• Mr. Super Clear
• Vallejo matte acrylic
• Liquitex matte

** Please note that sealants are very particular about humidity and heat. As I (unfortunately) cannot control weather conditions, estimated dates for face-up completion are not available. In particularly disagreeable weather, it may take two to three weeks for a face-up to be completed once started.

Additive modification materials
• Milliput Superfine White
• Aves Apoxy Sculpt
• Tamiya epoxy putty
• Bondo putty (for blending/smoothing)
• Tamiya putty (for blending/smoothing)

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