My dolls – Arrios


Name: Arrios
Iplehouse SID Omar Light Brown
Faceup: By me
Eyes: Ersa Flora 12mm Natural Blue
Wig: Handcrafted by me
Mods: None
Date of Arrival: December 17, 2015

Arrios is the only one of my dolls representing a character who doesn’t belong to me. Instead he belongs to my husband. The character appears in a novel we plan to write together, as well as starring in his work-in-progress comic Ever Skyward.

Arrios is my newest doll, as well as being my most popular, which is slightly frustrating for me as he isn’t my character.

He was purchased directly from Iplehouse and I am his first owner. He came with the new SID hands and feet and was purchased with mobility thigh joints. His head was roughly finished, with lots of flash remaining in the eyes that had to be carefully cut out. As the light brown resin photographs much lighter than it appears in person, I was initially startled by the color and wasn’t sure I liked it. After I did his faceup, however, he quickly became my second favorite doll, only behind Rune.

Future plans for the doll include a wide wardrobe and body blushing.

Despite being incredibly photogenic, I rarely photograph him at all.

Favorite photo